Originally published 7:30 PM EDT, JANUARY 27, 2017

In the final moments of last week’s How to Get Away with Murder, a shocking confession was made by someone who claimed to be the person that killed Wes Gibbons. However, with everything that happened before the big reveal, fans are left to ask themselves: Did they really do it?

Spoilers ahead.

It’s time to speculate. There is no denying that Frank Delfino is a guilty man. He killed Lila in season 1. He killed Wes’ father, Charles Mahoney, at the end of season 2. However, when Frank confessed that it was he who murdered Wes at the end of last week’s episode, I didn’t even gasp. Because I didn’t believe it. Here’s why:

Exibit A: Laurel

Say what you want about Frank, but there is no denying that he loves Laurel. In his own, misguided, and often toxic ways, he genuinely cares for her safety. Even more, he cares about her happiness. So when he shows up in Laurel’s hospital room declaring his innocence, he isn’t expecting to get the reaction from her that he does.

It hasn’t been long since Frank confessed to Laurel that he strangled Lila and put her in the water tank. Up until this point, he has had a pretty good track record for being honest with her, even when it came to why he ran away at the beginning of season 3. When he assures Laurel it wasn’t him this time, she only has five words for him: “It should have been you.” She wants Wes alive and Frank dead in his place.

Exhibit B: Annalise

As demonstrated in season 2, Frank will do anything for Annalise. After taking responsibility with Sam for the car crash that resulted in the miscarriage of Annalise’s child, Frank has pledged his allegiance to the Keating family. His actions throughout the show have shown just how far he will go for the people whose lives he damaged after they did so much to help release him from prison.

Frank and Bonnie exhaust all their resources to get Annalise out of prison on bail, and still Atwood is one step ahead of them. With the revelation that Atwood plans to connect Annalsie to the rest of crimes left unsolved throughout the show, Frank’s options are starting to dwindle. There is a moment where he and Bonnie discuss what to do next to help their wrongly imprisoned boss. I have a feeling Frank enacted his own plan.

Maybe the evidence isn’t strong enough to take to court. Even so, I would be willing to bet that Frank’s original claim at innocence remains and he has other reasons for falsely admitting guilt. Thinking about it realistically, the only person who has proven their ability to get Annalise out of prison so far is Annalise herself. They need her right now more than ever. Wes’ murder will never be solved until Annalise is free and able to kick some ass to discoverer the truth. Above all, Frank knows that Laurel will never be happy until Wes’ murderer is brought to justice. Until then, he won’t be able to live with himself, even if he’s behind bars.

Alternatively, there is

Exhibit C: Wes

Frank was the last one to see him alive. As we witnessed in last night’s episode, after Wes left the police station following giving his statement, he hopped in a car with Frank. If Frank somehow found out what it was that Wes was doing with the police he might just have the right motive. Kill Wes to protect Annalise. It all seems to add up.

For now, we just have to guess . . .

How to Get Away with Murder continues next Thursday, February 2, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.