I’m fighting for something to just go away
I beg then I plead and sometimes I pray
That this sickness will end
That these demons won’t haunt me
Though there are days when I hope they will kill me

With eyes that are gold
And hands that can hold me
There’s a person who shows me much more than I’m seeing
He taught me to love
He whisked me away
And something about him makes me want to stay

The touch of his fingers
The sound of his voice
His laughter, his smile, I don’t have a choice
He has the eraser, he’s helping me clean
My chalkboard of dastardly, sickening deeds

The way that I love him should well be a crime
It’s illegal the way that we steal away time
If birds couldn’t fly
Or butterflies stopped their flutter
Given the chance I won’t choose any other

He’s a song when he’s quiet
A ballet when he speaks
The way he says “Matthew”
It makes me feel weak

In days without number
As both lovers and friends
We lived a forever September
In an autumn without end


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